I enjoy creating spaces that are warm, comfortable and bright – that invigorate the soul through texture and organic elements – while creating longevity with clean lines and neutral palettes.

Stylish kitchen with table and chairs
Modern kitchen with kitchenware and faucet
Kitchen with white furnishing and spacious cabinet


We wanted a space that would stand the test of time while not being too bland or soul-less.
— Emma D.
Living room with sofa and table
Elegant sofa with flower vase beside window

A space doesn't need to follow a certain set of rules. The highest priority is that it feels good and creates a relaxed state of being.

Master’s bedroom with lamp and painting

You’ll find plenty of natural elements in my work. I love bringing the outdoors in to connect with the landscape. It enhances our sense of place and helps us to embrace the natural characteristics that surround us.



Victoria brought a young and fresh perspective. I’m very busy, and I needed a designer I could trust to carry the project from start to finish.
— Carolyn B.
Kitchen with four chairs and faucet
Stylish kitchen with faucet and flower vase
Stylish kitchen with rock wood flooring and spacious cabinet

When we come home to a simple space, it enhances our ability to let go. 

Spacious cabinet with vintage look wall
Living room with flower vase beside stairway

Victoria has a great sense of style; and I particularly appreciated her calm way of being. It just made the process enjoyable!
— Louise P.
Elegant two mirror above the spacious cabinet
Modern bath tub with faucet
Elegant mirror above the cabinet and chandelier
Modern bathroom with spacious cabinet and painting